Help us Bring AerBetic to Market

AerBetic is currently in development, with testing scheduled to begin early 2019.

We are currently looking for beta testers.

In order to qualify as a beta tester, you need to fit the following criteria:

  • Own a compatible smartphone and be willing to install the AerBetic App

    • For caregivers of diabetic patients, the smartphone must be kept within 30 feet of the patient at all times.

  • Own a CGM and are willing to upload data to AerBetic

    • Detailed instructions will be provided

  • Have access to high speed internet at the location where the patient is located most often

  • Are willing to wear AerBetic as directed during the testing period, 6 to 8 months

  • Are willing to communicate with team AerBetic during the testing period

To express our gratitude, participation in AerBetic Beta testing will unlock lifetime discounts on AerBetic products and services. Plus, we’ll send you some cool gifts! 

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